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Halloween and the Tasty Devil

November 2, 2009

I don’t know if you have heard sayings such as “Your enemies come with smiles.” and so on, but to get to the point: by far the scariest thing for me this Halloween were the smiley faces of people handing out sugar overloaded sweets.

I do consider myself as a relatively strong and disciplined person, but I couldn’t resist, all the excuses were already provided, plus the TV and media kept telling me in the cheerful voice “Its OK to let yourself have fun, let go, just have some, just have some, that’s what they are made for…. just for you, you and your happiness.”

I am not an expert on normal sugar levels in the bloodstream of adults, ah let’s not even speak of children, but you do not have to be one to realize that we, the civilized world, are passing that limit many, many times each day. What does that do to us? What does it do to children’s development? What I do know is that anything that is far from the natural environment and conditions in which we humans have evolved over the thousands of years, is bad for us. So much for healthy living advices, that is the only and simple logic, I, follow.

And asking myself how much of sugar our ancestors in the forests and mountains got over those many years, I am getting more and more concerned because the sugar cane is not that common of a plant to stumble upon, and even if one had a lucky day, how much sugar could you get from a plant? Before we go too far with this healthy rule of mine, I just want to conclude: we are eating too much sugar, people.

So if someone gave me pumpkin over Halloween, I would consider them friends, if it was organic, I might even love them, but if it was a candy packed with sugar, it is definitely a trick and not a treat!

Why? Because sugar is more addictive than alcohol and many drugs, actually, check it, it is true. If it was just that one time, I would say yea go for it. Perhaps you would not notice your cravings the next day, but I do. More food in general, anything with carbohydrates is craved, and the simpler the carbs the more you crave them. While I do love carbohydrates, it is the complex ones that are best for our health, and sugar is and makes one crave simple carbohydrates.

I am also a fan of chocolate, a biiiiiig one… but I do try to find cocoa unsweetened and since I do also have a sweet tooth, I add honey to hot cocoa. Guess why, yes because it was easier to come upon honey than refined sugar in the forests, mountains and deserts where most of my beloved ancestors lived and our bodies are more used to it, so much that honey helps us function better. That is, not only for 15 minutes, which is how long my sugar highs last. Our bodies need sugar of course too, but raw foods have enough of it in it’s best, most natural structure.

I do not know about you, but it will take a while for my cravings to stop. Till the hypo-sweetness is flushed out of my system and even more so from my mind. I had a fun Halloween, now I need to be strong. :) Signing up for the Organic Pumpkin Party next year, sounds fun PLUS healthy and getting in touch with my Halloween roots, any? :)

Btw. I heard the commercial and logo statement for Dunkin Donuts: “America runs on Duncin”. No, America runs on sugar, and that is wrong.

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