Happy Something Press is the publisher initially established for the
publishing and sale organisation of the novel 'Happy Something' by
Evangelina Cifliganec.

The imprint HappySomethingPress was first used in March 2005 in the United
Kingdom when a draft of the book was published. Evangelina later returned
to her country of birth Macedonia, where she finished the novel and
registered the press as a limited company. Today our main office is situated
in the ancient lake town of
Ohrid, from where we deal with bookstores' and
readers' orders and deliver books all over the world.

'To help people see life from more angles' is our mission statement.

This we try to reflect in everything we do. We strongly believe no decision should be approached as an isolated case, but as part of that greater multisided picture. Our concern for the lack of self-sustainability of humans on Earth for instance, is modestly reflected in our use of only recyclable bags to pack presents that we send to readers. We are aware that our few awareness methods are realistically far from enough and this is an area we are most eager to see improved, not only in our work but in all areas of living in general. Meanwhile, Happy Something Press remains committed to publishing of books and projects that relate to such holistic aims. 

In line with the principles is also our location in an ancient city, where the
work and spirit of the great scholar ancestors shine in every corner. This is
constant reminder for us and for our readers of where part of today's
foundations lie. That we hope inspires for tomorrow's.

Monument of st. Cyril and Metodij founders
of the Slavic alphabet whose students St.
Clement and St. Naum of Ohrid founded
the Cyrillic alphabet and named it in
honour of their teachers.    
The foundations of the First Slavic University
(IX a.c) situated in Ohrid where scholars were
trained and sent to other East European
countries to spread and teach the Slavic letter
based on which the different Slavic dialects
developed into the nowadays different East
European languages.
All rights reserved. 2007 Happy Something LLC - New York and Happy Something Press - Ohrid